Welcome to your Campus Owned and Operated, full service bookstore.

100% of all proceeds from the bookstore are returned directly back into the campus, 
making a world class, major university education affordable here in Ashtabula County.


The Official On-Campus Bookstore of Kent State University at Ashtabula 

The Kent State Ashtabula Bookstore is located in the Bookstore Building. Our entrance is the glass corner door. Owned and operated by the University, the Kent State Ashtabula Bookstore is dedicated to servicing our students, staff and community. We carry all  the texts, supplies and Kent State clothing and merchandise you need! 

Books sold from ash.kent.campuswebstore.com and in our store are for the Ashtabula campus only. If you are registered for an on-line web course through another campus, the books must be purchased through that campus.


Monday-Thursday 10:00-4:30